January 29, 2002

READ is a surprisingly good giveaway mag from Random House of Canada. The contents of the mag are avaliable on their website, and include interviews with a number of Canadian writers including Jane Jacobs, Thomas Homer-Dixon and Douglas Coupland. One interesting feature this month is a selection of family photographs of Mordecai Richler.

January 28, 2002

So I'm poking around on CBC.ca trying to find the Definitely Not The Opera website when I notice a link that promises to take me to CBC Radio 3. That's strange, I think, there is no Radio 3. Well, now there is, but so far it's only on the web.

Virtual Museum of Canada - virtual exhibits, art, artifacts and educational resources from Canada's museums

"Some Norwegians were left wondering what the impact on national security would be following the promotion of a certain Major Nils Olaf. In August he became the army's first honourable regimental sergeant major. And the fact that he is a penguin, living at Edinburgh zoo in Scotland, does not seem to have hampered his career in the slightest. Norway has sponsored a penguin at the zoo since the 1970s, and the current incumbent of the prestigious title received due reward for his promotion with an extra ration of fresh fish. " The BBC

January 27, 2002

The Canadian Encyclopedia Online

One thing we've always really admired about the New Scientist is their indepth coverage of stories that really matter, such as their ongoing coverage of the science of champagne. Two recent stories serve to illustrate our point. First, as if you didn't know this already, it has been proven that champagne really does get you drunk faster. Secondly, and much more worrying, an evil fungus is causing champagne to go flat in the bottle. Make sure you have plenty on hand.

January 26, 2002

Toronto's own Melissa Stylianou is a new favorite of ours. This stunning young jazz vocalist wowed us recently at Toronto's famous Rex Hotel, where her and her trio perform every Friday at cocktail time.

Stylianou's wide repertoire includes everything from the classics (Gershwin, Jobim, Rogers & Hammerstein) to the contemporary (Tom Waits, Bjork, Sting). Of the contemporary songs we were particularly impressed with her reworking of Sting's Tea in the Sahara a song we never liked when the Policeman sang it.

January 25, 2002

The awesome, but sadly seldom visited, Niagara Falls Museum had to close its doors last year. The NFM had been North America's oldest museum (founded 1827) and held many unusual treasures including the remains of Rameses I. We believe that its position a the foot of Clifton Hill (The Street of Wax Museums and Horror Houses) in Niagara Falls contributed to its demiseIf you want you can buy their 40ft Humpback Whale Skeleton it's for sale on Ebay.

Great news for writer Ann-Marie Macdonald. Oprah has picked Fall On Your Knees for her infamous book club.

Peter Gzowski, 1934-2002

Here are the top stories from last year's (now defunct and replaced by Portage) Antproof Case.

An oil spill threatned the fairy penguins of Tasmania. Fairy penguins, also known as 'Little Blue Penguins' are the world's smallest penguins. Luckily for them a devoted group of volunteers set about knitting them thousands of sweaters to protect them from the oil. Knitting instructions and mailing information were posted here and people from all over the world contributed . Unfortunately, that wasn't all the bad news for penguins, the BBC reported that global warming was causing them to get stressed, and that they were being treated for depression.

Douglas Adams
So long, and thanks for all the laughs. Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy, died of a heart attack. He was 49. Coincidently, and fittingly, it was announced that a newly discovered asteroid had been named after the hero of the Hitchiker's Guide, Arthur Dent. The new asteroid is now known as Asteroid 18610 Arthurdent. Sadly, Adams died before being told of the honour. Tributes poured in from around the world, one of the most eloquent was from biologist Richard Dawkins .

Little known Douglas Adams fact: He once climbed Mt.Kilimanjaro in a rhino suit in order to raise awareness and money for Save The Rhino. You can read about it at their website.

Don't forget to check out the BBC's online experiment at creating a real guide.

No comment needed (you would think). Last chance to save great apes from extinction.

The Monkey Man
Mass hysteria swept India's capital after reports of a superpowered 'monkey man', with hairy body and razor-sharp metal claws, attacking people as they slept on their roofs in the sweltering heat.

Judge Danny J. Bloggs
Judge Danny J. Boggs administered this test to law students who hoped to intern for him.

A New Species of Giant Squid
A "Weird" New Squid Species was discovered in deep sea trenches. Here's another article on the huge, previously unknown animal.

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