August 16, 2002

Gone Sailing. Portage will return in early September.

August 03, 2002

In 1937 Joycolyn Knapp (that's her on the right) took a month long roadtrip with her husband Jack (centre), her sister Gladys and her brother-in-law "Windy" (left). Along the way Joycolyn took some remarkably beautiful photos (like this one of the Valley of Ghosts or this one of buffalo) and put them all in a scrapbook along with commentary and stories of the trip. Now her grandson, Paul Nagai, has scanned the whole thing and put it up on his website as Grandma Knapp's '37 Road Trip. You can view each page of the scrapbook and look at each photo just as if you''ve got the book in your hands (well not just like that but close). If you're pressed for time you can just look at some of Paul's favorites but we'd recomend the whole thing. It's almost like roadtripping with Joycolyn and the gang. Awesome.
(link via plep)

The University of Calgary has been given one of the world's great collections of science fiction. The new Gibson Collection contains between 30 000 and 40 000 works which range from Jules Verne to cyberpunk. The collection was the gift of the family of Alberta native Bob Gibson who died last year.

August 02, 2002 is a very nice collection of video and audio clips of some of the early punk bands from the U.K. and the U.S. The Damned, the Buzzcocks, Richard Hell, Black Flag, many (though certainly not all) of your favorites are here. Here's Ready, Steady, Go! by Generation X (with a young Billy Idol belting out the vocals) to get you in the mood. (Oh, that's the mighty Iggy Pop up there in case you were wondering.)
(link via gmt+9 which has a great collection of punk links up at the moment.)

Buffalo, New York's excellent Albright-Knox Art Gallery has a very very good website up with nice reproductions of the highlights of their impressive collection. What makes the page special though is the amount of detailed information about each work that they provide. Moreover they provide two sets of comments, one aimed at adults and one aimed at younger people (both are worth reading). Also interesting is the page devoted to recent acquisitions. Again very nice reproductions and artist's statements (something you don't see at most major gallery websites.

We were very sorry to read this morning that the crew at NewBreed Librarian are packing it in. NBL, always one of our daily stops, has provided excellent linkage over the last eighteen months pointing us in directions we might never have gone. Thanks RS, CB, and JB, we'll miss you.

August 01, 2002

Fascinating story on how computers have still not been able to master the ancient game of Go. While Deep Blue smoked Gary Kasparov five years ago no computer has yet matched the skills of even the casual Go player.

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