December 13, 2002

December 12, 2002

Duke Ellington was famous for maintaining an extensive Christmas card list. He sent out cards right up until 1979, the year he died. The one above is from the Harvey Lang Collection of jazz memorabilia at the University of Chicago.

Today's Christmas photograph shows an overloaded but jolly mailman in Chicago. It was taken in 1929 for the Chicago Daily News and is part of the excellent new Library of Congress collection Photographs from the Chicago Daily News:1902-1933. If you'd like to see more Christmas mailmen visit the collection and do a search for "christmas mail", they've got dozens of great pics.

Today's Christmas .mp3, by request, is Billy Squire's Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You. (Portage loves you all.)

December 11, 2002

The above photograph is of Christmas decorations in the Bon Marche department store in Paris. It was taken in 1934 by Shotaro Shimomura. Shimomura was the president of Japan's Daimaru department store chain and an excellent photograper. You can see more of his beautiful photographs of the world, with an understandable focus on department stores, at The American Museum of Photography's An Eye for the World: Photographs by Shotaro Shimomura 1934-1935.

This entry is the first in our "Christmas Series" of photographs. From now until Christmas Portage's daily photograph, selected from collections around the world, will have a Christmas theme. Today's Christmas .mp3 is a sentimental favorite of ours I Believe in Father Christmas by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer.

December 10, 2002

It's only twelve fourteen days until Christmas Eve. (Note: Since some of us apparently can't read a calendar correctly it seems you get two bonus tracks.) As a special treat we're going to post some of our favorite rock n' roll Christmas songs, one each day from now till Christmas. Today's selection is Father Christmas by The Kinks. While you're rocking out you might like to visit the Mistletunes collection of album cover art from rock 'n roll Christmas tunes. If you can't find what you're looking for there try Merry Christmas, Baby which also includes covers of Christmas records by Lounge, Jazz, and C&W acts.

December 06, 2002

Jonathan Postal takes great photographs of punks, tattoo aficionados, gospel lovers, wrestlers...and, well, everything. Some of the photos, like the one we chose above, have an erie, ghostly quality we just can't get enough of.
(link via coudal partners)

December 05, 2002

This is one of five amazing photographs of bats by London's Tim Flach.
(link via riley dog)

Leslie Harpold at Hoopla has posted another awesome online advent calendar. Each day you get a special treat, a memory, and a link (no candy though). It's really cool. If you're the kind of person who always opened all 25 doors and stole all the chocolates (you know who you are) you're out of luck because Leslie has cleverly made it so that you can only open each door on the correct day. (You can, however, go and open all the doors at last year's calendar.) The first link in this year's calendar was to this History of Advent calendars.

Last week we linked to the Kunstbar where each drink caused the world to take on the characteristics of a famous painter's style. Now comes this, which is the closest we've ever been to living in an M.C. Escher world.
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December 03, 2002

Please Stand By. Portage will resume posting shortly. In the meantime you can visit Television Graphics Around the World

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