March 30, 2003

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March 26, 2003

March 25, 2003

While on a trip to Beijing Susan Jacobson bought two scrapbooks from a fleamarket vendor. The scrapbooks contained photographs of a young family from Tianjin at the height of the cultural revolution. Now Ms. Jacobson has put the scrapbooks online as Scrapbook of The Revolution: Interpreting The Mao Era. Although the photographs are quite ordinary in their content they form an unusual view into a place and time that few non-Chinese experienced.
(link via Coudal Partners)

March 20, 2003

Women of Our Time is an absolutely spectacular new exhibition from the National Portrait Gallery in Washington. (So new it's not on their front page yet.) Great selection of photographs, lots of interesting commentary on both the women and the photography, gorgeous use of Flash - a first class website all around. Our only complaint would be the size of the photos which are a touch small. The photo above is of Maya Lin the woman who designed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.

The mighty Eclogues has returned - more powerful than ever after her long winters nap.

This 1987 photo of Lee "Scratch" Perry was taken by British photographer Steve Pyke. Pyke takes great portraits of people ranging from the super-famous to the homeless. Don't miss Sir Isaiah Berlin, Keith Richards, Buzz Aldrin, Bill Gates, or Super Geordie. We found Pyke's excellent website when we went looking for a photo of Perry. The reason we were looking for a photo of Perry is because we wanted to let you know that Andrew "The funkiest man in Japan" Aab of gmtPlus9, along with the crew at Coudal Partners are, quite sensibly we think, calling for the 20th of March to be deemed an international holiday and dubbed (ho ho, get it? dubbed!) Scratch Day. We think that's the best idea we've heard all day and since it's a sunshine-filled first day of spring here's Scratch Perry with Sunshine Rock.

March 19, 2003

Elizabeth Taylor practicing her lasso technique on the set of Giant in 1955. Only one of a pile of great photos of 1950s Hollywood by little known photographer Frank Worth. Of the 35 photos here we'd never seen any of them. Fresh.

March 14, 2003

I'm not sure exactly what I thought Ansel Adams looked like but I know I'd never ever seen a picture of the guy. Well, that's him up above, nothing like what I thought at all. This photo was taken by Rondal Partridge. There's a great exhibit about Partridge at the California Historical Society.

March 12, 2003

Canada by Train is an excellent new exhibit at the NLC which combines a short but informative history of railways in Canada with a great collection of railway brochures, timetables, posters and photographs. Railways, especially Canadian railways, are justly famous for their excellent posters. Some of our favorites from this collection were Banff, Vancouver Island, Alaska, and a reminder to get up north and do a little hunting.

So, a month or two ago Jack and I were sitting around the Portage offices, just kicking it, and having a good old laugh at Oliver from Textism who, through no fault of his own, was forced to wear the cone of shame. "Ha ha ha", we chortled, "does he ever look stupid." who's laughing? Not Jack, I can tell you that much. (1, 2, 3)

March 11, 2003

This photograph of a man riding a swimming moose was taken in 1934 in Rainy Lake, Ontario. It comes from the very impressive CN Images of Canada gallery. Some of our other favorites were one of Alexander Graham Bell's amazing kites, women workers sewing a fabric-covered airplane wing, a crazy sugar bush party, some flying children, and V.B. Gray writing a story in a canoe.

March 09, 2003

These two girls were amongst the approximately 700,000 children who were evacuated to colonias infantiles (children's colonies) during the Spanish Civil War. The children were sent to the colonies in order to escape the war. This photograph comes from a small online exhibition at the The Archives of Ontario called Children's Art From the Spanish Civil War. In addition to several striking photos there is a small selection of artwork by the children depicting their evacuations and the war. Both the photos and the artworks come from the papers of A. A. McLeod.

March 08, 2003

March 07, 2003

Lost Labor: Images of Vanished American Workers 1900-1980 is a collection of 155 photographs taken from company histories, pamphlets, and technical brochures. This great collection was amassed over a period of 20 years by Raymon Elozua. As Elozua points out most of the jobs depicted in these images no longer exist. Tremendous.
(link via t-melt)

March 04, 2003

Tony Pierce has an excellent photoessay, with commentary, on the running of the bulls - The day the bulls called bullshit. Also don't miss more bulls in Tony's summer vacation photoessay. Go bulls!

Well, well. Look who's back. Causing trouble as usual. Good to see you Graham.

MetaFilter in the Ruins . A new piece by the king of caustic wit - Kevin Guilfoile.

March 03, 2003

Bad News: The wonderful Cool and Strange Music Magazine is, sadly, closing up shop.Good News: Cool and Strange Music Magazine is not closing down, it's just going through a regime change. (Sorry about that). Good News: The former editor is going out with a bang and is giving us a very nice compilation of some of their fave tunes as em-p-threes.
(via the excellent, and currently frug-ing scrubbles)

March 01, 2003

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