May 29, 2003

Photograph of Tenzing Norgay who, together with Edmund Hillary, was the first to summit Mount Everest 50 years ago today. Photo is from the virtual version of Imaging Everest from the Royal Geographical Society.

May 16, 2003

May 13, 2003

Yes we know it's the middle of May and the blossom is blossoming and the tulips are tuliping and this wintery photograph hardly seems appropriate but we have several reasons for posting it. First, the photo comes from a nice new site at the National Library of Canada - Backcheck: A Hockey Retrospective. Second, the playoffs are still on and there is still a Canadian team in contention. It's been ten years since a Canadian team won. Go Senators! Third, the picture is of boys playing hockey on the bay in Sarnia, Ontario (Sarnia is the current home of Portage). The site has some great old photos of hockey in Canada. Portage's favorites included:

  • This photo of a pre-1900 game. Notice that there are no boards around the rink and the goal does not have a net.
  • The earliest known photo of women playing hockey, taken in 1890. The woman in white is Isobel Stanley who was the daughter of Lord Stanley who donated the Cup which bears his name and which remains hockey's most coveted prize.
  • The 1921 women's hockey team from Gore Bay, Ontario (Gore Bay is Portage's summer headquarters).
  • Boys learning how to bodycheck.
  • Vancouver's all-Japanese 1920 Asahi Athletic Club team

  • May 12, 2003

    Brand new at The British Library is the long awaited Images Online website. Although it's not everything we'd hoped it would be, the site is still very, very impressive. It's searchable and (most importantly to Portage) very conducive to browsing; there is a title index and a very nice subject index which is broken down into useful categories. The selection of images is absolutely superb. The image size and resolution are more than generous. The navigation is intuitive and can be customized so the results best fit your screen size. Wow, maybe it is all we'd hoped it would be. It's certainly one of the best image sites we've ever seen.

    The image above is a view of Thebes by Louis Haghe and was made in the 1840s. Full record is here. Images Online has a number of Haghe's beautiful illustrations of the Middle East.

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