October 30, 2003

We're delighted to see that the very talented Ms. Sarah Hepola is back and posting again on her own site. If you're not familiar with Ms. Hepola's work you're missing out. You can look through the archives on the aforementioned personal site or you can check out her stories for The Morning News. We particularly like Certifiable and The Key to a Successful Freelance Career: A Diary... but that's just us, you'll probably have your own favorites.

October 24, 2003

The picture above shows Dame Nellie Melba greeting a kangaroo. It's Australia Week on Portage. All week long we're going to be digging through Australia's digital archives to see what we can learn. We don't know much about Australia (other than what we learn on http://boynton.ubersportingpundit.com/) so we're looking forward to learning something new. We do know they have kangaroos in Australia so that's why we've started with a picture of a kangaroo. The photo was taken by the great Frank Hurley (of which more later) and the original can be found

Sister Gillespie with Joey her pet kangaroo, March 1937

Dame Nellie Melba being introduced to a kangaroo in 1902

A woman feeding a large kangaroo

also don't miss

Indira Gandhi hugging a koala bear

Melba Toast and Peach Melba

October 22, 2003

The Getty Museum has a very good new show on the 19th century photographerJulia Margaret Cameron

October 21, 2003

This great photograph of lovers kissing in a movie theatre was taken using infra-red film. The photo is by one of Portage's all time favorite photographers Weegee. (You can read more about Weegee here.) We found the photo and 42 other great Weegee shots at the fantastic new Side Photographic Collection Online which was launched today by the English photography collective Amber. The collection is an eclectic collection of documentary photography and well worth a look. If you're a fan of Weegee then don't miss the great Weegee's World .

October 20, 2003

This amazing photograph of an iceberg sitting on the mudflats at low tide was taken in 1884 by the great J. B. Tyrrel. Tyrrel, one of the greatest geologists and explorers in Canadian history, spent many years exploring the Canadian West and North. The University of Toronto has put over 5,000 images from Tyrell's field notebooks, correspondence, photographs, maps and published reports online at the
Barren Lands Digital Collection.

October 18, 2003

October 09, 2003

As you've probably noticed Jack and I have been away from our post for quite some time. We've been camping. But we're back now and Portage will return. Soon. Better than ever. This weekend. We promise.

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